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Please do not hate on Jasper Cillessen after this. He was brilliant throughout the whole 120 minutes. He blocked all of Messi’s shots effectively, just like all other shots, and he did predict the directions of 2 penalties correctly. Besides, Argentina hasn’t done penalties since 2006, so there’s nothing to study about them, unlike Costa Rica who did penalties already before the match with Netherlands.

Cillessen, I’m so proud of you. You’re still young and there are many chances ahead. I have faith in yo

kalle-14 said: Ohh tkss *-* I will see your posts :)! My name is Gabriella, nice to meet you :)

Nice to meet you too,  Gabriella! Oh and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Kevin De Bruyne and isn’t it very unfair that the Belgian NT didn’t get an award for Best looking team? :D They deserved one! 

The letter from the Belgian Nt to their supporters



Best best fans in the world,

When we gathered on May 19 for our first open workout in preparation for the World Cup, we really did not know what was waiting for us. For seven weeks we have been together, as if possessed, used to represent the world stage of football. Our country and hence our supporters as well as possible

Despite the fact that we are one of the youngest players groups are here, today we are incredibly proud to count. Our country in the best football nations in the world

Of course we also have followed your performance at home and honestly, who were also world! The television audience records, the major markets, sports palaces … It’s been great to see how you have the World Cup in Belgium polite. Do not think that we have not felt your support here!

Therefore, an incredibly big thank you for thousands of tweets, Facebook messages and postcards; for you sleepless nights and near-heart attacks; for your battle cries and tears of happiness.

A big thank you to all the fans who have traveled to Brazil to make this. Together with us Your presence has not gone unnoticed. When the “tous ensemble ‘echoed in the stadium, we all got goose bumps.

We may be young, but we are too ambitious. We had really hoped to advance to the last four and a large or small final to be playing. Therefore, we also feel proud beside a big disappointment. We were so close …

Now it’s time to go home. We get Sunday night, absolutely shattered, but with his head, the plane on Monday and hope to see our families. Return

We really like to invite you to our second official fan day, where we will make to celebrate. Unforgettable last two years with you extended time Details to follow!

The World Cup in Brazil ends for us today, but we can now proudly look back on our entire campaign. And maybe even a little dreaming of the next big tournament, because we want it now just turn each time you are!

That means even more unforgettable moments for our fans to look forward to. So we hope to see all back in September, to a great chapter to close together and start a new you.

We can not thank you enough. The best in the world.

Tous ensemble.

The Red Devils




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That moment when you realise you are too sensitive for the world… 

"We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright."

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I love learning, really. Just let me learn at my own pace. I know I can cope with this rat race but I’m not entirely happy.

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Daily “Help! My life is a joke and I’m not ready to be a real adult” afternoon panic attack

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