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- What changes not having Thiago against Germany?

- I was pissed off, I said to him “don’t do it, don’t do it”, but…

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Iranian Couples Who Have Been Together for More than 50 Years (Photos by Amin Khosrowshahi/ISNA via Ladane Nasseri)


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She is my beautiful Fify hahaha homeinholland


Germany NT + Text Posts

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things that make me happy: football
things that make me sad: football


About this selfie….. *sighs* I’m already missing these two 😩

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What got you into football?
On July the first this year, I went to my aunt’s house in Mombasa with my mum to collect shipping papers. So while I was night there, I had nothing to do and my uncle who was watching the Belgium Vs. USA match was hogging the television. I had no clue about football and I never would have imagined liked it but after watching that match, I immediately began obsessing over Belgium and since then, it’s been football, football, football, and I’ve found something really beautiful in it. I LOVE it :’) 

Favorite footballer based on skills
: Jan Vertonghen, Arjen Robben,  Miroslav Klose, Thibaut Courtois, Vincent Kompany, Eden Hazard, James Rodriguez, Kevin De Bruyne, Vlad Chiriches, Robin Van Persie,  Bastian Schweinsteiger 

Favorite footballer based on looks
: Kevin De Bruyne, Jan Vertonghen, Nacer Chadli, Mousa Dembele, Sammy Bossut, Tobby Alderweirlerd, Kevin Mirallas, (PRETTY MUCH THE WHOLE BELGIUM NT), Jasper Cillesen, Vlad Chiriches, Julian Draxler, David Luiz, 

If you could play for any team who would it be
: Tottenham Hotspurs!!

What would you do if a footballer was in front of you
: I would seriously like put my hand over my mouth and try not to scream and run to them and (very briefly) tell them I’m a fan and I would love a selfie! 

Best footballer ever
: I can’t tell, I have so many favourites! Maybe it’s Arjen Robben, or Vincent Kompany, I think both of them are going to make history! 

Favorite Goal Keeper
: Thibaut Courtois and Jasper Cillessen! <3 

What NT and FC do you support
: Belgium NT all the way, they’re my first love and I don’t believe I could love any national team as much as them. They’re so humble, talented, and underrated. They never forget their fans! :’) Also The Netherlands NT and Brazil too. In FCs, I’m pretty much a Tottenham Hotspurs fan forever and ever. I don’t think many people think they’re great but I do and I believe in them so much. I think they can do so much. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt that there are so many Belgians there) They’re getting this new confidence and they’re hard working and underrated like Belgium. 

If you could add 5 players on your team who would it be
- Vincent Kompany! The first time I saw him, I laughed at his name but he has some serious skills
- Kevin De Bruyne  
- Arjen Robben, enough said. 
- Miroslav Klose
- Robin Van Persie

I think that Tottenham is pretty perfect the way it is, the players go well together.

Do you like any other sport
: Nope, one sport is more than enough for me!

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This. Forever and ever, this.

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